T-FLEX lightboxes with fabric graphics ā€“ SEG (Silicon Edge Graphics). These lightboxes are meant for indoor use. Available one- or two-sided and in different sizes. Apart from anodised finishes, we provide powder coating (RAL) for profiles. Naturally, we will devise the installation method, be it hanging or placing on supports ā€“ the latter option making for a fantastic, illuminated partition wall. Printing method: Water-based dye-sublimation on Microlux light box fabric. For lighting we use high-grade 3000-6500K LED modules. In addition, there are various options for dimmers that you can choose as an extra.

Acrylic lightboxes: We offer 75-170 mm aluminium profiles. For lighting we use high-grade LED modules. The maximum width of lightboxes with acrylic panels is 4050 mm. These lightboxes are suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

PVC fabric lightboxes: Used mainly when the required dimensions exceed those of acrylic lightboxes.
Framework: Multifunctional aluminium stretch frame profile
Light source: LED Modules
Graphics: Printed or glued on PVC lighting fabric

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